In the heart of the machine


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​​​​​​​​​​​Music: Grisha Petkov

Cover: Yoanna Kulinska

Non Commercial Use: You can use my music track in your videos for free, but without monetization on YouTube. Perhaps your YouTube video will receive a copyright claim, this is normal, you don’t worry about anything, everything is in order with your video, it will not be deleted.

Commercial Use: If you want to remove a RouteNote claims or monetize your video on YouTube, use in advertising, in this case you need to become my patron on Patreon. If you want to use music for video games, movies, TV and radio, then you need to purchase a sync license from the RouteNote website.​

Do you want to use my music in your videos unlimitedly? Become my Platinum patron and you can create unlimited videos with my music. All my music will be available to you. Also, every month you will receive 4 new tracks. You will be able to monetize your videos. You can use my music for commercial purposes. You will not have copyright issues.​​

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